Season III

Ch 20


Nani ji was arranging her almirah when suddenly her eyes fell on a particular box. A single tear rolled down her cheeks as she caught hold of the box. She brushed the sticky dirt with her pallu and traced her finger over the gold plated embossed name. "Aarti Raizada". She felt a tug remembering her daughter. Her death was a pathetic incident which each and every member in their family suffered. Aarti was traveling to delhi to meet her. That time Raizadas used to live in Mumbai. It was the first time her daughter Aarti was traveling alone leaving behind her 3 year old boy.
Aarti has a big problem in conceiving Aranv and she suffered a lot during her pregnancy. And to top it all there was a lot of complications during arnav's birth. The cord coiled around his neck three times making it so complicated that the entire doctors team raised their hand and said the child is never going to make it, but Arnav was a miracle baby. He survived after such a complicated normal delivery. And that was the reason Aarti never left Aranv away from her sight.
 (this is a true incident. My dad was born like this. My grandmother had to go though a terrible labour pain and during her time the delivery used to happen at home when the help of mif-wife).
From that day onwards Arnav was always held very close under her mother's care until his mother's death.
The aircraft on which she was traveling had gone missing from the raider as soon as it took off. After further investigation the craft was retrieved from a jungle. The accident killed each and every passenger including crew members. Arnav was too small to remember anything. But as a child he missed his mother. His father was a one woman man, so he never married any other woman. He did his best raising up Arnav and never let him away from his sight. But the death of his mother left a big impact on him and he started become obstinate and unruly. Anjali was always on her so, and she never really took care of him. His father asked Nani to come and stay with them so that Arnav atleast have a mother figure in his life.  Though no one could take his mother's place, but a grand mother was better than a step mother for sire. Since childhood Anjali had a compition with her little brother in every single thing. But Arnav was an intelligent child, which made him excel in whatever he decided to do leaving behind Anjali in all respect. Nani tired to provide him motherly care, but as it is said no one can ever take a mother's place in a child's life, Arnav became extremely quiet and slowly he went inside a shell. A shell that was unbreakable. A shell inside which, he slowly created his own, dark world. Lack of communication made him tough against all woman he was associated with.
After his high school, he dedicated his entire life with his dad learning business. But the time he got with his dad was also short. He again got a big blow during his dad's dismissal. He was hust learning business and his dad died when he was in his first year of collage. He was loosing all hopes and business when Khushi's dad, Arnav's father's business partner became his mentor and filled up that hollow.
Naniji unlocked the box and viewed her daughter's precious jewelleries. It wasnot precious because those were worth few millions, it was precious because all the jewelleries were giving by her beloved husband, arnav's dad. He loved his wife very much and used to treat her like a princess. Her death had been one of the worst phase in his life. But only seeing his children he made himself strong.
Now it was time to give away those precious jewelleries to whom it belonged, Arnav's wife Khushi. She was the true inheritor of those jewelleries. Naniji did not want to give them to Khushi on her wedding day because she hated gazal gupta and anybody related to her. She knew each and everything about that monster GG and Arnav. But after seeing Khushi and her innocence, Naniji's was more than sure about her grand-daughter-in-law. She has seen love in those doe eyes and an unknown strength of detemination in her body language. She knew it very well, if someone can truly change the senario it will be Khushi. No one else. Seeing Arnav changed so much after his marriage was a proof. Poor Kid, she thought. Nani unconsciously picked up the mangalsutra in her hand and brushed through the intricate work.
Raizadas did not have any compulsion on bahus wearing mangalsutra and sindoor, hence Khushi was never forced to wear that. but this mangalsutra held a lot of emotions. It belonged to a woman who died before her husband, which was treated as an auspicious thing in hindu customs. And nani immediately knew that there is no one who can wear that mangalsutra other than Khushi.
She kept aside the mangalsutra and looked through the other jewels when suddenly Anjali came in and took the box from nani's hand.
"Omg! Nani, these are so beautiful, mamma ki hai, hai na?" (these are my mother's right?)
Nani half heartely nodded.
Anjali picked up a solid gold neckless and placed around her neck.
"Wow, this looks so gorgeous nani, thank you so much nani, these must be worth few millions", anjali looked at those jewelleries with greedy eyes.
"Anjali beta...par yeh", nani tried to explain her.
"Oh nani, I am sure mom will be so happy to see these reach to the right person", anjali picked few of them clumsily in her hand.
"Anjali beta, these are for khu.., nani was not able to complete when anjali cut her off.
"Oh please nani, mumma would have been so heart broken if you gave these to Khushi. She would have never accepted her as Raizada bahu. We know her background. What do you expect from Gazal Gupta's daughter? I am sure she will be the first one to marry if my brother ever dies before her", anjali spatted out grinding her molars.
"Shut Up Anjali bitiya, kamse kamse apne bhai ke barein mein aise mat bolo. He is your brother".
As if anjali cared. She would he the first one to take away all the properties and throw Khushi out of the house if something like that happens.
Nani took the box from anjali's hands and kept it inside the cupboard.
Anjali saw the mangalsutra and picked up. Nani was about to turn to take the mangalsutra when she saw anjali almost tying aroung her neck.
"Kamse kam yeh to mei hi rakhungi...did you see the big diamonds in it?"
"Anjali bitiya don't, please.." nani pleaded. "I wanted to give this to Khushi in karwachaut".
"Get her a new one nani, uska pati kafi kamata hai" so he can afford anything in this world.
"This belongs to Khushi", they heard a hard and firm voice. "Aur mom ki har cheez pe sirf aur sirf meri biwi ka haq hai".

Both Nani and Anjali was stunned to see Arnav standing at the door, his eyes red in anger and his nostrils flaring. Anjali dropped the Mangalsutra on the floor being scared of her brother's rage.
Arnav's eyes traveled towards the mangalsutra which pooled near Anjali's foot and then traveling towards her pale face. He started walking towards them as if a hungry pradetor nearing his prey. Squoting a little he picked up the jewellary and clutched it in her palm. Then slowly he touched the locket on his closed eyelids and kissed to show respect to the gold as well as his mother.
"This is the reason you don't deserve any of my mother's things Di, because you don't know how to respect it and you are guilty enough to drop it on the floor. Agar aapki niyat thik hoti to aap kabhi isse nichey nahi girne dete. (if your consciences were clear you would nave never dropped it on the floor)", he said gritting his teeth.
"Arnav beta calm down, please. You trust me that's why you gave the box to me to keep it right? And I know what my daughter would have done with these. And trust me Arnav I will do the same. I am just waiting for the Karwachaut to arriave and I will give this entire box to your wife", nani panicked sensing Arnav's tension and she knew it very well no one can stand in front of Arnav when he becomes furious.
"Khushi, her name is Khushi nani. She has an identity unlike some people who loves to use someone else's identity. She is my wife there is no doubt about it, but she has a name, Khushi which I would like to remind everyone in this house. And she is Mr. Gupta's daughter. Mr Gupta without whom some people of this house wouldnot have led aysh or aaram ki zindegi".
Anjali greeted her teeth unable to take such insult and spatted out, "don't you forget Arnav she is Mrs Gazal Gupta's daughter. Who is your Mis..." Her words were cut off when Arnav placed his hand infront of her.
"BAS! Aaj apne yeh zinkar yahan kiya, galti se bhi yeh baat iss ghar mein dubara repeat nahi honi chahiye Mrs. Anjali Jha. Don't even compare Khushi with that..." Arnav was unable to even relate Khushi with Gazal Gupta. Shame, pain taking over his emotions.
With that he opened the cupboard and took the box and then touched nani's feet to take her blessings before he handed his mother's blessings to Khushi.
Khushi was arranging her her clothers inside her cupboard when she heard something slammed on the bed and Arnav was instantly turning her towards him pinning her against the cupboard.
Khushi got really scared looking at him like that. Something, some unwanted scene hazed her eyes and her form started shaking. Was he going to force her yet again? The very thought brought her heart in her hands. He was furious she noticed and she was unable to move and her words chocked inside her throat.
If it was some other day before Khushi had faced such a drastic situation, Arnav would have taken her roughly against the cupboard and only he know how he was going to control it. But her princess made the impossible possible.
Khushi shakily pulled her cold hands up and cupped his cheeks. "Arnav ji?" she whispered out of fear.
That was it, Arnav just lost all his control and claimed her rosy petals slowly. It was a feather touch and Khushi melted like a butter heated in a bowl. She closed her eyes and felt his lips tremble against hers like a boy kissing his girlfriend for the first time. Gathering courage she snaked her arms around his neck and pressed herself totally on him so that there was no space left between both. His arousal proudly hitting her on her belly and Khushi couldnot help but to blush.
After few seconds Arnav pulled back and looked at her flushed face, her whole face which has turned red. It was just a mere touch but the connection both felt cannot be described in words.
Khushi slowly met her gaze with him and again cupped his cheeks. "aap pareshaan lag rahe ho, kya huya Arnav ji?" (you are looking stressed out Arnav ji what happened?)
Arnav took her hand politely and guided her towards the bed and made her sit.
He took the box and gave it to her.
"Yeh, yeh kya hai? The box looks like as if it belonged to a Queen", she excitedly remarked unable to hide her admiration.
"this belonged to my mom", Arnav said in a low voice and instantly Khushi eyes snapped up and searched her husband's face.
Arnav was unable to look at Khushi, infact he deliberately kept his gaze lower so that Khushi doensot see his vulnerability.
Khushi unlached the box and saw beautiful jewelleries inside it. She touched each one of them and instantly she could feel the warmth of the person who was the owner of it. The jewels as if started sparking even more with Khushi's touch. As if his mother already accepted her as her bahu, her chotey's wife, her second daughter Khushi.
Khushi's eyes became wet thinking how tough it must have been for Arnav. She could instantly feel that Arnav was close to his mother in all sense. The way he gave that box to her said a lot.
"It's beautiful Arnav ji. They are beautiful, just like your mother", she cupped Arnav's face and made him look at her. Initially he blocked his emotions entirely but when she asked "Can I call her ma?" Arnav dropped his armour and his eyes spill out the overwhelming expression. He wanted to pull her into a hug and never let her go. He wanted to thank her for being his only friend who showed such politness even after what he had done to her.
"Khu...khushi..." he chocked his words and was about to brush his palm on her cheeks when Khushi saw a black beaded sting spilling out in between his clutch.
Arnav looked at it and then opened his palm in front of Khushi exposing his mother's mangalsutra.
Khushi was in aw, looking at the most beautiful piece she had ever laid her eyes on.
"Yeh?" Khushi was about to ask him whether it was his mother's when he himself said...
"Meri maa ki hai, kya tum pehnogi isse Khushi?" Arnav asked her nervously.
It was the first time Khushi heard vulnerability in her husband's voice, uncertainty and fear of rejection. This was clearly not the Aranv she had known. It was the boy, mumma's boy who loves, and respects his mother with all his heart and Khushi could clearly see it thought his eyes. She can easily recognize it as she herself felt the same way with her father.
Khushi slowly brushed her tiny soft finger against the diamonds and then asked, "kya aap mujhe yeh pehnaoge Arnav ji? Kyunki agar aap mujhe pehnayoge yeh to hi mujhe lagega ki ma ne mujhe accept kiya hai apni bahu ke roop mein". (will you make me wear this Arnav ji? Because if you make me wear it then only I will believe that your mother has accepted me as her daughter-in-law).
Arnav just started at Khushi's eyes, emotions after emotions kept on rushing through his heart.
He picked it up and started tieing around her neck and at that moment, maybe god also wanted the same, the house pandit started Aarti chanting mantras.
Khushi lowered her eyes holding arnav's hand and Arnav finally locked the mangalsutra securely around her neck.
Khushi touched the locket and looked at her husband with teary eyes. "I love you Arnav ji. I love you so much" she busted out in tears leaving a hell-shocked Arnav holding her tightly in his arms.



Season III

Ch 19

My Hubby

Arnav was packing he stuffs for the side table while Khushi was getting dressed with the help of the nurse in the bathroom. He picked up all and stuffed in her big sack like bag. He noticed it had a mickey and Minnie mouse hugging each other. Minnie Mouse was looking towards her mickey under her lashes and blushing furiously. He unconsciously brushed his hand over the jute material and thought of her wife. She was just like Minnie all blushing around him sometimes and very open about her love for him when it comes to hugging and kissing and showing her affection publically. And he liked it. That was crazy, he knew that but still he liked how she behaved so carefree around him. No artificial pouts and no throwing herself with her breast on him while she hugged him. It is pure and innocent. And he very well realized that in these three days. He glanced at the door just to see where she was ready, a little curious about what did she wear and there she was just like a sunshine, wearing a knee length bright yellow frock, with puffed sleeves, looking like a mere school girl, with her hair pulled up in a pony-tail.
She gave him the brightest smile, which reach to his eyes, yes his eyes. He could see how genuinely she was happy to go home with him. The moment she smiled, his heart swelled up for some unknown reason. And just when he was about to drop down her bag she wiggled her eyebrows as if asking him how was she looking, pinching the two sides of her frock and twirling 90 degree and repeating the same on the other side and then dipping her face to look at him in between her big brown lashes. "Just like that Minnie", he thought.
He returned a smile and held his arms asking her to run to him and hug him and there she was, in no time, in his arms, melting in his warmth. He held her tightly and closed his eyes. She was pure, as pure as first sun rays on earth, as pure as a baby who was born a minute ago, as pure as a virgin. "virgin", "untouched", thinking about it he held her more close to him, as if he wanted her to merge with himself. He was the first man who touched her, the feeling itself overwhelmed him. She was his, only his, by all mean, by all laws and he promised himself that she will be his for life long, till his last breath. This is the least he can do for his dad-in-law and his wife, after tormenting her life.
Khushi broke the hug and met his eyes. Seeing him looking at her so lovingly, she felt few moments in her tummy. "Why are you looking at me like this?" she asked him nervously feeling uneasy under his scrutiny.
"You are looking fresh" he said controlling his bubbling desire to claim her perfect bow shaped lush mouth.
"Obviously" she said slightly easing out in his arms, "yesterday I slept like a dead woman".
Immediately Arnav covered her mouth with his big hands and frowned. "Don't ever say that", he said in a ton which made it very clear to Khushi that he did not like it at all. Yet he control not to scare her away with announces he felt hearing the word dead.
"Sorry" she barely whispered against his cheeks, making it burn in sizzling sensation that he had felt for her.
"Stop it Khushi" he thought closing his eyes regaining his control which almost slipped when her soft lips touched his 3 days old stubble and then penetrated in his skin beneath.
He cupped her face and looked into her eyes. "Buaji had called in the morning, she was asking about your health".
Khushi wrapped her arms around his neck.
Arnav continued, "she was asking me whether you can go and stay with her for few days".
Khushi stiffened and looked at him without blinking.
"Even I think it would be a good idea. Thoda change bhi ho jayega", Arnav said in a caring voice tucking her lose fringes.
Khushi pouted and slowly pushed him, then turned her back towards him folding her arms, "Jaiye Mein aapse baat nahi karti, I am angrey", she shifted her head a little.
Arnav who tried to gain his balance due to the unforeseen push looked at her back and could not help but to smile.
He tried to pull her by arms but she jerked his hand back.
He covered the space between them and then hugged her from behind surprising her.
"Arnav ji", she protested.
"Shh!, but I think staying with me is a better idea Mrs Raizada", he slowly swayed her along with him.
Khushi immediately turned towards him and hugged him, "of course it is a much better idea Mr Raizada. And thank god you have brains to understand that".
Arnav air kissed her and then in held her fruity shampoo. They stood like that for few more minutes and then parted when his phone buzzed.
Khushi craned her neck to check the caller id and her face lit up seeing who was calling. It was shyam. She snatched the phone from him and pressed the receive button. Arnav was shocked initially but then relaxed thinking how close those two were.
Arnav circled her arms around Khushi and pressed himself lightly and carefully, while Khushi happily chirped with her new-found-brother. Khushi also said she just can't wait to meet him and akash bhai once she was back home. She also ordered him to order akash to bring her mc chicken burger but then immediately she bit her tongue and turned towards Arnav sheepishly.
Arnav who was hearing all her rants and was enjoying, shift to face her.
"Sorry Shyam ji, I cannot eat out, Arnav ji has kept two chefs for me".
"its ok Khushi, I have kept a chef doesnot mean you have to have cooked food everyday. If you want to party with your brothers, go on and have fun".
Khushi excitedly hugged Arnav after uttering a quick good-bye to shyam and said "No, today I just want to be with you. How about a candle lit dinner with your wife Mr. Raizada?" she said wiggling her eyeborows.
Arnav turned her around and rested his chin on her shoulder, "and how about shopping something special for the occasion?"
Khushi excitedly flickered and tossed various dresses, but somehow nothing appealed to her. She was tired and slightly hungry when she sat inside the dressing room, exhausted. She never thought shopping can be so tiring. How can she, when she never ever gave any importance to her looks. She always wore simple dressing, which made her comfortable, not something which accentuated her body. But shopping with her husband was a different experience. She was stunned to know that how much he gave importance to minute things, like neckline, the cut, the flow, the colour. She felt like and ordinary woman trying to fit in princess shoes with this man.

Her thoughts broke when there was a brief knock at the door.

"Khushi! are you alright?" he asked in concern, cursing himself for making it so difficult for her and behaving like an ass, asking her to wear each and every outfit that he like on her. For a brief moment he forgot that she was unwell and she shouldnot take so much stress.

"I am fine Arnav ji, just trying the last one" she lied to him, not wanting to hurt him. But Arnav knew from her labored breath and heforced her to open the door.

Khushi unwillingly opened the door and bit her lips.

"you don't need to do this anymore. We are going now". Arnav swept her feet and bundled her in his arms. How could he be so irresponsible? Doesnot he know she shouldnot stand for long time, that she might start bleeding heavily again? He thought. Feeling very irritated with his own behavior. He took her out from the trial room.
Khushi's eyes popped hearing him out and her cheeks turned red thinking about the how people will look at them if he continues to carry her towards the exit. She started wiggling feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable to be carried like this.

He glared at her. "Stop it Khushi, I am not going to put you down, so don't waste your energy". Khushi still continued to wiggle in protest when she heard him telling the shopkeeper to pack all, which he had chosen for her.

"no Arnav ji I cannot take them all, they are very expensive", she gasped thinking her husband has gone mad and lost his mind. Those clothes were bloody expensive. She saw the price tag in the changing room and accepted to buy only one just to make him feel good. She knew he wanted to buy her a dress badly and she was happy to get her first gift from him. But she never thought he would get her everything.

Arnav shot another look towards her and that was enough for her to understand that he doesnot want a single word on that.

Khushi braced herself and managed to come near his ears and blurted out slightly, "atleast cover my back Arnav ji, I did not pull my zip properly.

She did not get any reaction from him but felt his arms clutching the two separated parts and held it together.

Khushi tried to hide her face feeling extremely embarrassed but Arnav was Aranv, he hardly cared about several pair of eyes watching them in aw and muffled comments from elderly people who looked at them in irritation.
Khushi who was hoping that after they shop for her clothes will go to a kids shop which was around the corner, seeing at her husband she lost all hopes to visit it.
But she still managed to ask him, "Arnav ji mujhe uss shop mein ek baar jana hai", she said pointing towards the toy shop.
But Arnav did not listen to her and carried her outside the mall.
Gathering her on the back seat securely he closed the door and made his way to take his seat beside her. Normally he would have preferred to seat beside the driver but he sat right beside his wife this time to make sure that she is comfortable. The main reason was to hold her if the car jerks due to the bad road condition.
He ordered the driver to take them to the mansion, while Khushi looked at the monkey soft toy which was displayed on the toy shop window.
"I will get that monkey or whatever for you", Arnav said in a straight voice looking towards the road.
Khushi flinched slightly when he said that thinking how on the earth he understood what she wanted. Oh how she loved that cute fluffy monkey with a long tail. It was absolutely cuddly. "aap ko kaise pata'.", she couldnot complete her sentence when he spoke.
"I saw you staring at that monkey the moment we entered the mall and you are staring like a kid right now also, all most drooling at it. So I guessed you want it, don't you?"
"Yeee'sss" she looked at him nervously, thinking what he might think of her. An 18 year old wanting wa soft toy for herself.
Khushi smuggled with him suddenly feeling unsecured about her wants thinking what if this gesture drift him away for her.
Arnav snaked his arms around him and rested his head on hers kneading his fingers with hers fastening and then locking her tiny fingers with his broad fingers.
The exhaustion made Khushi feel a little tired for which she drifted to sleep in no time. Arnav cursed himself once again for making her go through this. He bundled her in his arms and Khushi was happy to smuggle with him in her sleep. Arnav dropped a feathery kiss in between her partition and pressed her more to him.
Khushi sensed few light brushes on his cheeks and a very soft voice kissed her ear. "Khushi! Sweety we are home" she heard a male voice whisper against her ears.
She fluttered her eyes and saw her husband looking at her lovingly.
Khushi stretched her body against him to remove her triedness and then sighed in his arms.
"Come I will take you inside", he smiled looking at her and then picked her up in his arms.
Khushi happily circled his arms around him and rested her tired head against his chest and closed her eyes again.
Arnav carried her till the door and pushed the bell while he ordered the driver to get Khushi's stuffs inside the house.
Anjali opened the door and was shocked to see his brother carrying Khushi in his arms.
"Chotey you are home after so many days. Come I will serve you some food. I am sure you must be tired. And What have you done to yourself? Look at yourself. You look so tired and worn out", she showed her false concern totally ignoring the buddle little girl who had suffered the most.
"we are home" Arnav gave her a mocking smile stressing on the word we. And marched inside the house with a sleeping Khushi in his arms.
"and di you are right, I am actually very tired I would love to have some home made food. If you can cook for me as well as Khushi you know' I would have asked Khushi to cook for me, but she isnot in a position to do anything of that sort so if you can kindly take care of these things'and I am sure you like to do these, don't you?" Arnav spoke sweetly to anjali, being sarcastic.
Anjali greeted her teeth but could say anything to her brother remembering about the monthly money, which comes in her account. "Of course chotey, you go to your room, I will arrange for some food for you".
"We both. I want Khushi to eat first and then I will eat. So please make it fast" he said and turned leaving behind a fuming anjali. "and di, if you can arrange Khushi's things in her room please. You know what has happened to her, so I don't want a male servant to touch her things. Right now I want to spend as much time as possible with her".
"Sure chotey" Arnav fisted her fist and cursed under her breathe.
Gazal gupta threw are bag on the bed and fumed like a wounded lioness.
"No this can't happen", she said recapitulating the seen in the mall. She couldnot believe what she saw. "Arnav Singh Raizada, carring a woman in his arms publically", the more she thought, the more she fumed. And not any girl but Gazal gupta's scrap goat Khushi Kumari Gupta.
"Dhongi, nautanki, bloody'" she cursed her.
"enough is enough Mr. Raizada. Now I am not going to sit back' its time to let Khushi come to know about all these and there cannot be any good time than this, when you are bed ridden and vulnerable. How about you wedding present sweetheart, few tapes of your loving and me husband? How we were all over each other in every damn parties abroad?" Gazal went to her cupboard and took out the VCDs, which she had wrapped in red glossy paper. She took out the pen and wrote "To Mrs Raizada, your wedding video" over the blank white card.
Once she was done writing she pulled her lips up in a mocking smile. "Tsk Tsk poor Khushi. You world is going to crash very soon honey just like your fathers when he saw me bedding with someone else".



Ch 18

~We connect~
Just when his eyes felt tired and he drifted to sleep, he sensed some moments again. It is Khushi who came up to her husband once again unable to find warmth in her hospital bed. Arnav slowly whispered "come" and held her hand. Khushi gave him the most gorgeous smile of acknowledgement and bit her lips then slid down beside her devil husband, whom she was making all effort to prove him her prince charming. Whole night Arnav slept taking Khushi in his arms, giving her warmth to comfort her and Khushi like a baby curled up against Arnav's chest kept on breathing deep. Arnav could make out from her breath that she was relaxed and her sleep was deep. Arnav kept his hand in safe place and made sure in no ways she get an impression that he was taking an opportunity of their closeness. He never tried also, in fact he tried maintaining the minimum distance which was requited.
He kissed her in between her hair, just like he always did and smuggled up crashing her with him but politely. He could sense her smiling feeling him around. Arnav slowly closed his eyes feeling tired after so many days and drifted off to sleep.
Khushi was the first one to open her eyes when the sun penetrated in her room, making the atmosphere bright and happy. Last two days it had been constantly rainy and gloomy, but the morning was like a new beginning of her life. The rising sun, that brought her husband back with her. Right beside her, holding her and caring for her.
She slowly looked at her husband who was sleeping with his mouth open, just like a baby and she giggled loving to watch her husband like an innocent kid sleeping in his mother's arms. Khushi slid her arms and circled him to take him more close to her and kiss him lovingly on his cheeks arms a deep breath from Arnav. As if he waited for that kiss to happen. Khushi traced her husband's face and admired, slowly tracing his lips she whispered "i'.love'.you Arnav ji", she chuckled, "a lot", feeling shy she bit her lips.
Still resting her head comfortably on her husband's chest she looked through the window to find the smiling sun. She looked closely towards the sun and suddenly she imagined her father's face smiling towards her. As if her father was standing right in front of the window and witnessing her daughter receiving the desired warmth and care from his husband. His expression was proud, proud of his daughter for fighting her own battle and making his man in her arms his, melting him according to her and winning him back in her life.
"dad" she whispered almost gulping down the lump that formed thinking about her dad and the moment she called him, as if he heard her, the sun rays became brighter and fell on the cuddling couple as if her father was blessing them both with his warmth.
Arnav winced a little, crumbling his eyebrows and tried to avoid the light which fell on his face. Khushi sensing his discomfort adjusted her head in such a way that it blocked the sun from disturbing her sleeping husband.
She kept on looking at the window, imagining her father's face when an unknown tear slipped down and touched arnav's chest.
What a sun's ray couldnot do a wife's tear did, he woke up and that to panicking a bit.
"Khushi!" he slightly jerked ahead trying to know where she exactly is then relaxed back on the pillow finding her lying in his chest. He traced her cheeks with his hand and wiped her tears.
"What happened?" he asked her urgently, "is everything alright?"
Khushi kept quiet trying to gather herself, trying not to show her weaker side towards her husband.
"you are freaking me out Khushi, why are you crying? Are you'.", he chocked, ''are you bleeding? Is it paining?" Arnav asked still lying in the same position not able to understand what to do. The bell was attached with the bed not with the sofa, so to call the nurse he have to get up and then press the calling bell and it was not possible at that moment when Khushi was on top of him.
Khushi turned her head towards Arnav and said, "I am fine Arnav ji" but her tears disagree to obey her words they fell on his chest once again and somehow Arnav felt the greatest pain in his heart seeing her crying. It is not that she has not seen any woman cry, he has seen his Di for example, but he knew those were fake. But Khushi's tears were not fake, and that bothered him the most. "What could have happened? Why is she crying all of the sudden? Whole night she was fine as there was practically no movement from her side, she kept sleeping comfortably.
"what is the matter?" Arnav asked her politely kissing her forehead. And the moment he kissed her she threw her hand around him and started crying bitterly.
"I am missing dad Arnav ji, I am missing him so much", she said in between her sobs.
Arnav froze immediately feeling guilty at the same time helpless about her condition.
"you know Arnav ji, dad loved you so much".
Again a pang of guilt hit arnav's chest.
"he used to call you my rajkumar, my prince charming".
Arnav closed his eyes in pain and cursed himself under his breath. He was a saitan, not a rajkumar for Khushi. He married him for his own profit, planned to ruin her life just to take revenge on that GG. But in between all these he forgot to be human. Arnav Singh Raizada was a beast and he had proven many times by taking her brutally.
"and you know he came today, he was standing right behind the window seeing us like this, happy and content", she whispered against his nape.
Arnav opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling blankly for sometime, trying to register what Khushi said. She just said her dad came here to witness them? That means the rain which he felt wasn't actually the rain, it was indeed her dad who came and made him realize his mistake. Arnav clutched Khushi more and more to him, suddenly feeling a deep connection between them, jiska koi naam nahi tha (which did not have any name).
"I know" he saw slowly and Khushi snapped her head up to look directly in his eyes.
Arnav thinned his lips and wiped her tears, "he came yesterday also, when I was alone sitting and cursing myself for your condition. He came and slapped me you know?"
Khushi too went blank for the moment. She told about her dad with much reservation thinking how Arnav would take it, but to her surprise he actually believed her and confessed his own thing.
Arnav narrated the whole thing to Khushi and Khushi kept on listening to her arnavji, the Arnav ji who was her Arnav ji not Arnav singh raizada. A very different man which whom she was married to. A man who can also fantasize like her, a man who believed in supernatural power.
Khushi felt sad understanding what he must have gone through for past 3 days but she kept quiet and wanted her husband to throw it out from his system. Who else than her knows the pain of keeping things within herself? Wasnot she the one who suffered too? Wasnot she the one who masked her pain her humiliation from her dad and bua when her classmates used to tease her taking about her mother calling her a s**t's daughter? How she used to cry all alone in her room when everyone went to sleep so that no one knew what she must have gone through. Being called a s**t's daughter is a huge humiliation for a daughter like Khushi when she was no close to her mother and who hated her mother like anything. Yes Khushi hated her mother after what she did to her father, how she cheated her father and slept around with other men for money. How she refused to handover gupta property to Khushi's bua after Shashi Gupta's death and never gave a single penny to Khushi. It was her bua who took Khushi's responsibility by making embroidery on sarees and selling them at minimum profit. The only thing Khushi left with was bua's house which was in the name of her bua and and account from where she used to get some money for her education. The same account that Arnav asked not to disclose it to Khushi and the same account, which was now his as his secretary took Khushi's signature placing it in between the pile of paper that she singed for Directorship without Khushi's knowledge.
Khushi brushed her tiny soft hand against arnav's skin to sooth his anxity and it worked like magic. Arnav kept on looking at her angelic eyes as if he was drowning inside her. Khushi also did not loose their eye contact and she felt nice looking at her husband so intensely.
Arnav's eye fell on her lips when she tried to say something and the moment he looked, she froze. With the tip of his tongue Arnav moistened his lips and seeing that Khushi's whole body became like a jelly. She felt thousands of summersaults in few seconds and when his hand slowly touched her face she gave in and closed her eyes.
Arnav holding her waist slowly turned her making her lye on her back and he was on top of her balancing himself with his strong arms so that he doesn't put much pressure on Khushi.
Khushi on the other hand sheepishly looked at Arnav and seeing his desired filled eyes she gulped in anticipation of a kiss. She was scared at the same time excited. Sacred because "how would it be?" and excited because she could see something different in arnav's eyes, something polite, something very passionate, something that was not beasty but caring. She couldnot stop the quiver of her lips and seeing that Arnav started decreasing the gap between both of them.
Seeing him leaning more and more, Khushi's breath hitched and she started breathing heavily, until her soft bosoms started touching his chest softly, making him aware of her state.
He gazed her having chest and her swelled bosoms passionately and tried hard to resist him from touching them. He quickly diverted his gaze towards her face and leaned further.
Khushi closed her eyes and almost held her breath but at the same time she arched her neck forward to show him her willingness and participation in what he was doing.
Arnav slid one of his hand and grabbed her neck slowly pulling upward.
Their lips were inches apart almost brushing them yet there was a millimeter distance still remaining to be filled, his warm breath brushing Khushi's face, but'
He gulped and closed his eyes. "It wasnot right" he thought. "I cannot be an opertunist anymore. I shouldnot do this". But her submission was making his condition worse. He knew what she wanted yet he couldnot do it. But at the same time he did not want to put her down by leaving her in that state.
He slowly touched his lips on her nose tip and Khushi finally released a disappointed sigh by letting go her breath, that she was holding for long.
Arnav continued to kiss her forehead slowly placing her on her pillow and releasing her neck.
Khushi fluttered her lashes and looked at Arnav.
Arnav rested his forehead on her forehead and sighed.
"I will take you home", he whispered and then opened his eyes to look at her. "you want to go home right?"
Khushi nodded cutely.
Arnav cupped her face, "jo hokum" (as you say). "but you have to promise me that you will listen to me whatever I say".
Khushi looked cutely towards him and pouted.
He caressed her hard and said, "promise me that you will take care of your health and that will be your priority".
"but Arnav ji?" she tried to protest.
"Fine than, you are staying in the hospital", he said making a face.
"NO! ok I will", she made a face and looked other way.
"you will eat on time and sleep on time".
Khushi looked down not able to comment anything on that as she never wanted to disclose that she had been prohibited to enter the kitchen and also there was strict instruction by her sister-in-law that no one should provide her with food.
Sensing her silence he cupped her face and said "I have arranged for two cooks in my guest house and you just have to call them and tell them what you want to eat", he said caressing her check.
Khushi looked at Arnav absolutely amused not able to find right words to described how over whelmed she was by this small gesture of Arnav.
"I hope you can do that Khsuhi!".
Khushi nodded making a puppy face and then kissed his lips. She immediately covered her face feeling shy not able to meet his eyes.
Arnav uncovered her face removing her palm and pulled her checks, before getting up.
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