Ch 10

Khushi heard the bathroom door getting closed. She tried to open her eye but as she was too stressed to get up and her body ache taking over her nerves was making it all the more difficult for her to wake up so she planned to sleep for a few more minutes.
She tossed and turned. A nagging pain in her back was not letting her sleep peacefully. She fluttered her lashes and adjusted her sight. Yawning like a kid and she smuggled inside her cozy duvet and closed her eyes to relax a bit more.
Opening the door he saw the same sight, which he saw yesterday. His cute little wife sleeping on the couch. Her hair a little messed up, her cheeks turned due to some rashes, which might have happened due to his stubbles being rubbed against her delicate skin.  Her legs still curled up. And her face seemed to be little pale.
He threw the towel on the bed and come near her. "she was having fever yesterday. And I? god, how could I do it like that with her when she was not well? That bloody Mrs Gupta will not let me live peacefully. Waise bhi as if I care. But she is a kid after all. I should have been a little more considerate", he thought.
He came near her and picked her up in his arms.
"Arnav ji?" she flinched by his touch.
Somehow she did not like his touch she did not know why. Maybe she was under some shock after yesterday's act so her body was rejecting his touch.
Sensing her uneasiness he made her sit on the bed.
"how are you?"
"Erm! I am' Erm! I am fi'.ne" she stammered not able to meet his eyes.
He tried to check her temperature but Khushi unconsciously moved back. "I am fine Arnav ji".
"you can rest if you want to" without further interrogation he said and got up from the bed only to get stopped by her.
She held his hand and looked at him sheepishly.
"Can I get a hug from you Arnav ji?" she asked him still not looking at him
Arnav sat on the bed and waited for her.
Khushi nervously slid her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulders.
"you need something?"
"you" she answered clutching him more towards her.
Arnav slowly slid the duvet and exposed her milky skin. His eyes fell on the bruises that he gave her yesterday night.
He hugged her and covered both of them with the duvet.
"Arnav ji!"
"kya Khushi?" he asked caressing her hair
no matter how much she tried but she just couldnot get herself to tell him that he has hurt her a lot physically yesterday. She felt shy, she was scared, she just couldnot.
"I am hungry", she said
Arnav just couldnot help but to smile. He broke the hug and cupped her face.
Khushi bit her lips and said "you look cute when u smile Arnav ji" with that she kissed his nose.
"Can I get a kiss on my lips?" he demanded
"sure" she literally jumped on him and kissed him with a chuckling sound and then nuzzled her nose with him lingering her face on him caressing his face.
"you still have temperature Khushi!", he said feeling a sudden warmth thought what she was doing.
"aap ab agaye ho na'ab sab thi ho gayega" (now that you have come, everything will be fine) she said inhealing his musky aftershave and hiding her face in his chest feeling a little shy.
Arnav hugged her tenderly and kissed between her hair. He didont know why he was having a fatherly feeling for Khushi. The way she was behaving with him, he was forced to like her and her cuteness. He was shocked to learn this side of him whenever he is around this cute little girl. No matter how much he wanted to stay aloof but his heart was rejecting all kinds of negative thoughts. He was forced to indulge himself in her innocence and purity.
He cupped her face and asked "Khushi, what happened when I was not here?".
He felt her freeze for the moment. Her hand which was tracing his strong mucsles abruptly stopped.
Suddenly her cute smile vanished and nervousness took over.
"khushi!" he looked at her fondly. "tell me what happened?"
drowning in his eyes she could only see some glimpse of her father in him. Was it because he was his mentor or she was genuinely feeling that protectiveness which she used to feel around her father she was unable to judge.
Throwing her arms around her husband she hugged him once again.
"take it easy" he caressed her hair to calm her down.
Khushi wasnot crying but she was feeling extremely nervous. She wasnot a girl who will ever complain about anything. She was strong but she always wanted someone who can understand her inner turmoil rather then her being vocal.
"Khushi!" he called her once again this time with much tenderness in his voice.
Kissing his chest she composed herself and brought her face near his. Cupping his face she continued. "Arnav ji, aapke pechhe I was missing you a lot. You know I was very sad that you did not call me once while you are not with me. I thought you don't care about me. But I was wrong I was so wrong. You did care about me a lot. Just that you must have been busy with your work and like a newly wed I was a little grumpy and behaving like a typical wify types forgetting the practicality of life. I am sure you were indulged in some very important work that's why you did not call me. But its ok Arnav ji I understand. Work comes first. My father always used to tell me, for a man his main priority is work as he has lots of responsibilities towards his family. And you are not only taking care of me but u have to take care of the entire family". So I understand. But next time please text me if you cant call. I was waiting atleast one text from you.
To say Arnav was amazed would be understatement. This girl who was sitting in front of him almost on his lap, being a teenager how can she be so matured in talking. And she is so smartly avoiding to complain about his family? Though Arnav hate people who lies but somehow his respect for this girl has increase by few percent today. She was different. Atleast from the other household ladies he noted.
Quickly pecking her soft lips he picked her up in his arms and took her to the bathroom. Taking off the duvet he made her stand in the shower cubile.
He stepped back two three steps and eyed her top to bottom. Khushi shyly wanted to hide her naked form from her husband with her sleek arms but was unable to hide.
On the other hand Arnav did not know why he actually like it when she tried to hide herself from him. Though he was not that mushy mushy types but still he enjoyed being experiencing such cute moments between him and his wife.
"Come fast, we will have breakfast together", he said and closed the door behind.
"Nani aaj aapko chotey se baat karni hi hogi" anjali said in an authorative tone. (you have to talk to Arnav, grnadmom)
"Haan anjali bitiya, unhe neechey aanae to dijiye". (ofcourse anjali, let him come down".
"Sasuma, aap Arnav bituwa kheh dijiyega, ki either he have to choose us or his wife". (you please tell him)
Khushi after taking a shower was drying herself with the towel when she heard the door knock.
"are you done?"
"ji, Arnav ji"
"ok come fast I am going down".
"ok Arnav ji see you" she smiled feeling his husband's care towards her. "I love you Arnav ji" she whispered under her breath and hide her blushing face with the towel.
"Aiye Arnav beta, beytiye" (please come son and take your seat) mami said.
Arnav pulled his chair and sat down.
"Chotey I made your favourite dosa for you today".
"Thanks di".
Anjali served him and rest of the family members and got seated on her seat.
Arnav checked the table beside him. There was no plate on khushi's side.
Khushi came running down the stairs wearing her jeans and her pink top, her long hair damp hair adored her waist line.
She wished everyone good morning. But only akash and shyam gave her a warm smile.
Khushi smiling back to them looked at anjali, but anjali did not look back to her. She pretended to eat. Mami made a face and concentrated in her food.
Khushi's face fell immediately she went towards nani and touched her feet.
"good morning nani".
"good morning beta" she greeted forcibly.
Khushi came and sat beside anrav. She checked her place. It was as usual empty.
"erm! Arnav please excuse me, I will bring my plate".
She was about to get up when Arnav held her hand and looked at her. She looked back to him nervously.
"sit down Khushi!" he said and pulled her chair near to his chair.
Khushi obeyed her husband's words and sat beside him.
Everyone became attentive towards them. Anjali started fuming and so did mami. Akash was genuinely happy with his brother's gesture and shyam threw a quick I-am-proud-of-you smile towards anrav. Which he acknowledged in return.
Arnav broke a small piece of dosa and dipped it in the samber.
"lo! Have it".
Khushi's mouth adored a perfect "O". her Arnav ji was feeding her. If the chair wouldnot have been there she would have surely lost all her senses.
On the other hand everyone just froze. Anjali's eyes literally popping out. Mami's jaw dropped and some food too which she was chewing. Nani cleared her through seeing his chotey romancing his wife shamelessly infront of all the house members.
"Arrey wah! Bhai, mujhe nahi pata tha aap itne romantic ho" akash teased excitedly while Arnav did not break his eye lock with Khushi.
He gestured with his eyes to take a bite to which Khushi flattered her lashes and slowly took the piece of food in her mouth.
Arnav cleaned his finger by putting it inside his mouth making the rest of the ladies furious.
"how is it?" he asked
"take some more" he fed her once again.
"you know di has made this today specially for us".
"you should thank her you know. Bohot mehenat ki hai na subha se".
"sorry di, please spare Khushi for somedays you know a we are newly wedded and I want to spend some quality time with my wife, kyun jijaji?"
"ofcource saale sahab, this is the time".
The whole conversation made Khushi blush furiously and couldnot help so she hide her face inside arnav's chest.
And the other two guys started teasing the newly wedded duo.
Arnav resumed his food. A bite for himself and then a bite to Khushi.
They had almost finished eating when Arnav said, "nani, aaj meine tai kiya hai ki aaj se mere aur Khushi ek hi thal mein khayenge" (I have decided, from today me and my wife will have food from same plate).
That's it. The patience level has crossed for anjali.
Thumping her palm on the table she spatted out.
"no way chottey. I cannot sit and eat with this female".
This was the moment Arnav was waiting for.
"She is my wife Di, please respect her".
"respect? Koi sawal hi paida nahi hota hai".
Khushi was almost in tears now. She was about to get up then Arnav held her hand.
"Di, you cannot misbehave with my wife like this. And if you have so much of a problem you are most welcome to eat in your room".
Khushi was absolutely shocked to hear this. She never liked fights and special she hated to be the reason of any fight.
"Chottey aap apna limit cross kar rahe hai".
"nani aap iske beech mein mat pariye. Otherwise I will forget that you are elder to me".
"you heard me right nani, stay away from his conversation let me deal with this".
"I am the head of the house and you don't have any right to behave in such a cheap manner with me".
"oh really nani! You are the head?" he laughed out loud.
"taken. Then behave like a head of the family. Where were you when this girl was not given any food? Where were you when she was down with fever? Where were you when no one bothered to check how she is, whether she needs anything or not? And Di! How dare you talk fowl about my wife in front of aman?"
"that's because she is like that".
"ENOUGH! I know what she is and I don't want a single word against my wife in future".
"Fine chottey then we are leaving this house".
"Nani ji!" Khushi called out painfully.
"As you all wish. I have no issues with that. but remember one thing once you all step out of this house, Arnav singh Raizada will not take care of anything related to you. I will make sure I stop all the monthly checks, which is transferred in your respective accounts. And di! You know it very well that jo mein kehta hoon woh mein karta hoon". (what I say I do)
With that arnav pulled Khushi along with him to his room leaving behind the ladies.



Ch 09

(Romance? or Revenge?)

A tough chapter for me to write *sigh

Everyone was totally shocked seeing Khushi react in that way with Arnav. None had any idea that she will cling to him so openly and that too wrapping her lags around his waist.
Arnav stood rooted to his position holding her firmly in his grip. He was bewailed with her behavior. He had never experienced such a thing with a girl. The way she ran onto him, the way she wrapped her legs around him and the way she said "I missed you Arnav ji" surely gave a tiny glimpse of her warmth towards him. Despite of trying to shrug the very thought out of his mind, he failed to ignore her innocence due to her tears bathing his shoulders and her unusually warm breath alarming him of something which he was supposed to know but he is unaware off.
Not caring what others might have thought he slowly held her chin and pecked her lips. Reciprocating immediately to his kiss, she shyly hid her head in between his chin and chest while her artistic fingers gripped his shirt.
Without acknowledging the fact that elders and others were also there to welcome him, he walked straight towards their room, caring Khushi possessively in his arms.
She was still sobbing in his grip and holding onto him, she whispered, "Arnav ji, you did not miss me right?"
Arnav placed her on the bed carefully and looked at her.
Tear streams kissing her red chubby cheeks, her eyes pale yet having some glittery effect due to some excitement, some happiness which he failed to understand, her lashes totally soaked, she looked as if she as lost weight.
Cupping her face he was shocked to notice her skin unusually warm. Checking her forehead he was confirmed that she was having temperature.
"Khushi! Tumhe to bukhar hai?" (you have got fever?) Arnav singh Raizada, who never cared for anybody in his life, who never bothered to ask his own di when she was unwell, today don't know why he spoke to his wife with a tinge of concern in his voice.
Her eyes welled up seeing the expected concern in his pair. She cupped his face and kissed his nose "nahi Arnav ji, I am fine. Just that I was missing you so much, so maybe due to stress I got a little bit of temperature".
His encounters with other females were very different than that of his wife. he never got involved with them to this extent. By extent it means he always meant business. But with this female who is suppositely his wife, he was still to indulge himself into any intimate acts but still he did not know why this girl succeeded to leave an unknown mark on him.
His series of thoughts broke by a mere beep on his phone.
He released himself from her grip, which he failed to notice due to those thoughts lingering in his mind and stood up.
He check his phone' "I had the best time in my life till date. Hope to feel you again soon'urz GG"
His thoughts were now diverted on that ugly phase of his life, when he was left with no security after the death of his father. He and his family was about to come on roads. The lady almost exhausted all the money, which jointly belonged to RG (raizada's and gupta's) and he had no choice but to restrict it by indulging himself with her physically. He knew it very well, that woman wanted money and her only weakness was the three-letter word. He used it as a pawn to trap her and was successful in that. the more he started doing it with her, the more he became mechanical. To diversify himself he started to sleep around younger girls too. Slowly he started to take control over her with his charm and later he restricted her spending by limiting her salary and incorporating new rules in the office. He cleverly managed to stop her spending from office money by giving her access from his personal account by fixing the money in some projects.
From the phone his eyes traveled to the girl sitting on the bed waiting for her husband's attention.
"ya that's what this girl is upto" he thought. He brushed his messed up hair with his finger and thought "mrs Khushi singh Raizada, I am not a fool. I know what you and your mother is upto. I am still suffering for you and your mother. I still have debts to clear. I wont let you people to succeed in your motives. You and that bitch Gazal gupta have to pay heavy price for this. You cannot trap me in these innocent acts".
With that he walked towards her and picked her up in his arms. Feeling his arms on her she was initially perplexed but later she calmed herself down and asked him, "Arnav ji aap?"
"You missed me right?"
Khushi blinked her lashes and gave him a confused look seeing his eyes turning red.
"Are'you'ang'" he did not let her complete her sentence.
In no time her clothes were off and thrown in some corner of the room. She shyly covered herself with her hand as much as possible. But it was so sudden that she did not get any reaction time.
Without delaying further and without any intimation he tore her apart.
The pain she felt was stopped by his dominating kisses on her lips.
He paid no attention to her after myths of the course. And choose to relax himself down instead of hugging her and soothing out the hyper sensitive feelings.
He left her and went to the bathroom to get washed and change while she clutched the white bed sheet and tired to figure out what had just happened. Was she supposed to feel good about the fact that she had just now lost her most precious asset to her husband or was she supposed to feel sad that she never thought it would happen like this. Being a woman she could easily feel that her husband was doing it mechanically with her, without any feelings, without any love without any involvement. But she tried her level best to keep it as the best experience of her life, no matter how harsh he was, no matter how painful it felt, no matter he did not bother about her comfort at that point of time but she still felt special in his warmth.
He turned the shower and let the warm water cascade his physic to sooth his hormones.
Why he felt that she is too immature to get intimate with him? Why there was no response from her end? Why she felt tight? Why he felt that she was in pain? Why he felt she was not comfortable with him? Why he felt as if it was one of her initial ones?
"who cares" he brushed his concerns and was a little pissed with himself for feeling differently about this woman erm! Girl.
Khushi tired to get up from the bed but she immediately sat feeling a sharp pain in her lower abdomen.
"aaaH!" she cried while biting her lips "baba!" she cried again sensing the pain increasing due to her slightest movement.
A tear started rolling down her cheeks due to the uncontrollable pain that she was having. She touched her tear and felt bad that how can she cry after such a beautiful moment with her husband. Though it was not as beautiful as she always imagined it to be. But still it was her first after all.
The moment the pain took over her whole body she couldn't help but to cry her heart out mumbling "Arnav ji it hurts a lot" by her own seeing towards the closed door of the bathroom feeling lonely. She expected him to cuddle her. She expected him to hold her during her after myths, she expected him to be beside her. But, Sigh!
She slowly walked towards the recliner cover her body with the bed sheet and made herself comfortable in that.
She waited for Arnav to come and talk to her and whisper sweet nothing easing out her pain, which was now getting out of control. But to her disappointment nothing of that sort happened.
It was almost 45 mins past their session Arnav was still inside the bathroom. Her medicine was now kicking her badly. All thanks to payel who forced Khushi to take a paracetamol for her fever. It too helped her to ease that pain, but still she was uncomfortable due to the new change in her body.
Her hand was moving towards the effected area unconsciously and she kept on shifting. Slowly her vision started fading and after sometime she slept closing her eyes waiting hopelessly for her husband.
It was like a never-ending wait for her. God only knows whether from now onwards what her future nights hold for her???
Will she ever get the warmth that she deserves from her husband?
Will her husband ever make love to her?
Will she ever live upto her dreams?
Will her husband give her the respect that she deserves?
Will she ever make her husband believe how much she was effected negatively by tonight's act?
Will her husband continue like this with her???
Only time will tell
His eyes were fixed on the beautiful girl curled up in a lump on the recliner. Her long hair touching the floor, stress makes evident on her forehead. She was looking like an angel draped in white devoid of her wings.
He gazed her face for few more minutes and recollected her entirely. How beautiful she is, how beautiful her each and every part felt when he devoured her like a beast.
Her innocence written over her entire form. "But why she felt like a innocent kid?" he wondered. Is there something which he was not getting. Was he going overboard with her character analysis? "cannot be anrav singh riazada can never do any mistake and specially analyzing a person.
She must be like her mother or maybe cleaverer than her. Atleast her mother shows what she is. But this girl she is more cunning and dangerous. "as if I care what she is. For me she is just a tool to get back the lost reputation and also sheesh mahal" he thought cursing over her innocent face.
"I will never let you take away sheesh mahal from me" you daughter of a bitch.
Ignoring her he went towards the poolside. He did not know why he was restless. He should have been dead tired but it looked like sleep was very far off.
He lit his cigarette (smoking is injurious to health) slid one arm in his pocket and stared blankly towards the open sky. Embrassing the darkness, Embressing the killing silences.
Just then he heard someone whispering.
He tired to crane his neck to check who was it. It was quite late and raizada's always slept early. Then who was it?
He walked towards the otherisde of the pool and saw akash whispering over the phone sitting below the staircase, which connects to the terrece.
He noticed akash having a smile all along and a noticeable blush creeping his cheeks time to time.
Arnav did not want to disturb akash as he was very sure he was having some private talks and that to with a girl. After all Arnav was an experienced man. So what he never had an affair in his life but he knows all the tactics of woman. How they try to trap males.
He was about to leave when akash jumped out of his skin smelling the smoke around him.
Arnav too flinched on his response.
"Bhai?" akash bluntly disconnected the phone looking at his brother.
"You should never cut a call abruptly akash specially when you are in the verge of impressing a woman.
"Woman? N….o!" akash stammered getting caught on the wrong foot.
"akash! I am your brother and I have seen life 2 years more than you bro. so don't try to manipulate".
Giving up akash said, "please maa ko mat bata na".
Arnav lovingly patted him and said "don't worry".
Akash narrated his love story to Arnav and declared that if he ever marries eh will marry that girl only. To which Arnav just nodded and said, "I am with you bro, if I can do anything for you just let me know".
Arnav could feel his brothers anxity which was evident whlle he opened up in front of his brother about the girl.
The girl wasnot reach enough to meet upto their standard and lately how Khushi was treated in the family akash was all the more scared.
"Any problem bro?" Arnav asked.
"bhai, I don't think maa, nani and di will accept this".
Arnav inheld his the smoke and said, "why do you care? I am sure you will protect your wife".
"I will bro, but what will happen when I will be traveling. I don't want them to behave such rudely with my wife like they did with Khushi bhabhi".
Listen about "Khushi bhabhi" from akash's mouth Arnav was alart.
"Khushi? Whats with Khushi?" Arnav said frowning.
"Bhai, you know how di, and maa are. I don't blame nani because she has no control over these two females".
Akash narrated the whole story which happened during his absence and now everything was clear to him.
His blood was boiling hearing the treatment they had done to Khushi.
"How dare they?" he thought.
"she is my wife after all. What equation I have with my wife is my totally personal thing. No one has the right to insult Mr. Arnav singh Raizada. Are they forgetting that they cannot do away without me? Then how come they insult my wife?" he thought.
"until the Raizada tag is there with her, I will not let anymore to insult her. They have to respect my wife otherwise I will leave the house with Khushi and then I will see how they talk like that. Meye kuch bolta nahi iska matlab yeh nahi hai ki unlog ko jo marzi ho who kare" (I don't say anything to them, that doesnot mean they can do anything they want to).
"when they will feel the money crunch then only they will understand" he thought.
"Akash I will handle this don't worry. And you can marry who ever you want to. I am with you".